Leave your emotional baggage in 2019

We work hard during the year and look forward to the holidays. Always believing when the holiday arrives, everything will be ok. We somehow convince ourselves that we will suddenly no longer feel overworked, stressed, anxious, alone, etc.

Unfortunately, that is just not what we find when we eventually go on holiday. We still feel all the emotions, the only difference is we don’t have to go to work. For the first week most people feel sick. The body is desperately trying to relax. The anxiety and stress do not magically disappear. Neither does the negativity. We are physically and emotionally drained.

All we want to do is relax, but suddenly we find ourselves in the holiday stress, yes, the holiday stress with family. Sometimes the family we don’t have to deal with during the year. We feel pressure to buy presents for everybody, causing unnecessary financial stress.

We have all these wonderful plans of what we are going to do while on holiday. Those staying at home plan to do all the work they don’t have time for during the year. Then we feel too tired. The body and souls screaming at you, please let us rest.

New year arrives. Time to have all those new year resolutions. We decide all sorts of things.

  1. I am going on a diet and will lose all the weight I always want to.
  2. I am going to stop smoking.
  3. I will find a job or a better job.
  4. I will make more money this year. The new year must certainly be better that this year.
  5. I will be a better partner of lover this year.

We can go on and on. The list is endless. The problem is nothing changed. You didn’t make changes in your life to allow things to be different.

None of the above can happen if you don’t work on yourself. Get rid of all the baggage or the baggage will simply follow you into the new year and the next and the next.

Before we know it, we realise that our holiday is coming to and end. We start to stress about the new year. We forget all about our plans for the new year.

Instead of following the same ineffective pattern that al the previous years, why not actually start changing and designing your own life.

Get rid of the negativity. Recharge your body and soul and enjoy the holiday.

Work on the future. Open yourself up to the abundance, love and happiness you deserve. Start having fun.

Become the being of light you wish to be and know you are. Be all you can be!

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