Business Success Oil-10ml


Esoteric Pure Essential Oil Blend
Amber Glass Bottle
Infused with Reiki energy

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A highly MAGICAL oil for Business Success & attracting Money !!!!!
BOOST Your Business!! Use this oil for: Making your Business Successful, Gaining Employment, Financial Blessing, Attracting Customers, Increased Profits, Advancing in your Job/Career, Starting a Business and Attracting Money in general.
Ways to use the oil: Below are a few suggestions on how to use the oil.
Put on your hands, cash register, business cards or the front door of your place of business to increase cash flow.
Anoint a green candle on a Wednesday or Thursday, Burn it in your home or place of business
for success/money/customers
Anoint your hands before going to work, going to an interview, Listing items, to gain inspiration for new ways to gain customers etc.
Anoint the four corners of your home, office or store. (online business: Anoint the 4 corners of your desk where your computer is used)
Anoint your fingers/hands, then touch money, business transaction papers, print- outs, your resume, etc.

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