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What is dowsing:
Dowsing is used as a form of divination to receive guidance or answers to questions that can’t be answered by ones rational thought processes or five senses.
Dowsing is a golden thread that connects and runs through all cultures, religions and belief systems and has been practiced throughout the millennia. Dowsing is a tool that allows direct intuitive communication with your Higher self and the Universal mind.

How does dowsing work?
The movements of the dowsing rods are a physical indicator of existing intuitive knowledge. The body acts as a receiver and uses the movements of the dowsing rods to amplify this information. Scientists call the movement of the rods ideo-muscular responses, controlled by intuition.
These movements occur automatically as one’s body senses the surrounding subtle energy. It is believed that the practise of dowsing can lead to the development of one’s intuitive nature.

Uses of Dowsing:
1. Dowsing can be used to measure a person’s energy field, or the energy-field of a crystal.
2. Healers use dowsing to assist in patient diagnosis (i.e. the state of energy centres and the selection of remedies).
3. Measurement of the earth’s energy lines and finding geopathic stress areas in one’s house is another way in which
dowsing can be used.
4. It can also be used to measure the electromagnetic radiation fields of electronic devices such as cellular phones,
TVs and computers.
5. One can dowse for ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions that require to be answered.
6. It is used by certain industries to locate underground water and minerals.
7. Dowsing can be useful for finding lost objects.
Dowsing makes the world of energy measurable, alive and tangible to all who use it.

Basic Dowsing Tips:
Dowsing requires both rational and intuitive thinking. You have to ask the right question, which requires left-brain functioning, then switchover to the right-brain (intuitive) mode of thinking to search for the answer. Asking the right question is important.
Make sure that your question can only be understood in one way because your intuition understands things literally. If you ask an ambiguous question, you will receive an ambiguous answer.
Don’t attempt to guess the answer or have any attachment to the answer as this may influence the answer according to what you want it to be. It is also important to establish a meditative state in order to receive your answer.


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