Surgery and chemist

Sangoma surgery, chemist and training facility.

Gogo is registered at the following institutes:

African National Healers Association (ANHA) Practice number: 000 11913/001

National Traditional Healers Union (NTHU) Practice number: PH1270

Welcome to our world of sangomas. We offer a safe space for you to experience the world of spiritual healing in the true traditional african style.

Aya has been a spiritual healer and teacher for many years. Due to her interactions with over a 1000 customers, she realized that there is a need for spiritual people to be able to follow their calling with a flexible time schedule. We are mothers, fathers and we need to be able to do our full time job.

Gogo Elsonia would love to welcome you into our wonderful Indumba.

We offer a number of services. Our chemist is stocked with wonderful freshly milled muthi for easy use. We have over a hundred different muthi’s to choose from.

We offer the following services:

  • Ditaola Reading
  • Consultation
  • Water rituals
  • Mountain rituals
  • Futa
  • Femba
  • Bath rituals
  • Steam rituals
  • Smoke rituals
  • Training
  • Aything else you may require

Below is a few of the muthi / traditional medicine we stock