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We are formally trained and proficient in a wide variety of healing methods and the formulation and use of natural remedies, which we tailor to individual needs, according to each person’s life path.

We all encounter hardships in life, and we often struggle to cope.

It makes us wonder what our purpose in life is, and why the universe serves us with seemingly insurmountable obstacles on our path.

We sometimes feel depressed and helpless. How can we attain happiness and fulfil our life mission if we can’t see the way forward?

How can we enjoy life’s gifts when we struggle with constant pain?

We need to learn that our fears and phobias serve a purpose- to remind us that we should and could conquer them and move beyond them towards fulfilment and harmony.

We all deserve to be enveloped by love, and to love unconditionally.

Sometimes we just need to talk to someone who can understand and have empathy for our struggles and pain, without judging us.

We are all connected, yet often we can feel completely alone. We dismiss and disregard the protection and loving guidance of our guardian angels, as society has taught us to act like machines. Machines don’t feel pain, machines don’t love, machines don’t care about a body or a mind or a soul.

Yet we are all wonderful beings, existing in love and light!

In this era we no longer appreciate how our ancestors lived as an integral part of nature and revered its wonders, used plants and minerals for medicine, and crystals to channel the energy of nature. We have lost our soul-connection with nature, with our fellow humans and with the universe.

Our life mission at Ad Astra is to help people to connect again, and to be whole and happy.
We love to share peoples joy as they learn to connect, to love, and find their true path to happiness and fulfilment.

When we engage, we heed the advice from people’s- and our own spiritual guides- they always know best!

Love and light to all!

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