Reiki Course

Date: 21st and 28th of May 2023
Time: 9am – 5pm
Lunch and snacks included
Cost for the course: R3000.00
Payment options available to pay over 3 months if needed.
R2000.00 deposit and 2 installments of R500 each in next 2 months

Please note: You do need to attend both days.

We are looking forward to help you start your new wonderful journey with healing.

◦Get to know yourself and have fun

◦Learn to heal yourself

◦Learn to heal friends and family

◦Learn to feel and connect with energy

◦Learn the reiki symbols

◦Receive attunements

Unlike other healing arts, reiki is passed from master to student through a reiki attunement that allows the student to connect to the universal reiki source. The attunement allows you to become a vessel of reiki and move reiki energy for yourself and others.